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Danish director Bertil Vorre grew up on the flat fields of Stevns in Denmark. He has always been fascinated by the odd and quirky—the tiny things that stand out and bring a new perspective to everyday life.

Since graduating from film school in Aarhus with a bachelor’s degree in Film & Transmedia, Bertil has gone on to become a director with many strings to his bow, including a strong grounding in computer animation. His work is notable for creating relatable stories across a mixture of genres, often combined with a dash of humour and the absurd. In 2019 he won a series of awards including a nomination for 'True Talent' at Denmark’s prestigious True Awards.

While Bertil directs commercials and music videos he is simultaneously making his way into fiction. Recent work includes commercials for Telenor and UNICEF and music videos for artists like Benjamin Hav and Yoav.

Bertil Vorre