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Amara Abbas
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Twin Flame
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Amara Abbas is an American-Pakistani director. Born and raised in Chicago. She moved to California in 2016 to begin her career in creative advertising and art direction. After spells working for fashion brands and then as a Creative at the ad agency 72andSunny, Amara spent the bulk of her career as an in-house Art Director at Apple, where she crafted award-winning campaigns and films for iPhone, iOS, and iPad.

Her developing interest in filmmaking led to her debuting her first film, TWIN FLAME, in 2021, a two and a half minute short exploring the visceral memories of a past flame that burned out as quickly as it was ignited.

Amara is now working on her second short, UKHT, an experimental narrative examining the cultural and religious identities of two 20-something Muslim-American women, and is also currently taking on new projects in the commercial, music video/documentary, and short form arenas.

Amara’s focus lies in her insatiable curiosity in people and discovering new ways to move them through striking imagery guided by her art background, and through unexplored concepts and territories.

Amara Abbas