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We.Are.From.LA was born from a desire for freedom, autonomy and flexibility, through a need to have fun with any subject.

Their passion for pop culture, graphic design and images bring them inspiration and is constantly pushing them to break boundaries. WAFLA made themselves known to the public with an unofficial music video for Kanye West’s «Power» and ignited the web with the music video «I Love You So» for CASSIUS.

In 2013 they unveiled the global campaign for Evian «Baby and Me», which gained 60 millions views in only one month. Their breakthrough was in 2014 when they made the music video “Happy” for Pharrell Williams. It went viral like never seen before and has since collected over a billon views online. This earned them worldwide recognition and numerous awards including a Grammy for Best Music Video.

They then developed their unique style into the commercial world. They created two films for Mercedes and Nike which blended live action and animated techniques. Since then, the WAFLA have put their talent to the service of renowned brands such as Mini, Lacoste, Facebook, McDonalds, Ford or Samsung.

Their status evolved as their work earned them success and awards such as Cannes Lions, D&AD pencils, a Grammy, UKMVA awards and many others.

While developing their visual universe through advertising, the WAFLA took advantage of the shock wave generated by the triumph of Pharrell Williams’ music video and have since collaborated with world-renowned artists such as Miley Cyrus, Mark Ronson, The Shoes or Dua Lipa and Angèle.

More recently, they directed a commercial for Coca Cola, "The Conductor", featuring a multitude of artists of all musical genres, forming a mythical orchestra.

We Are From LA