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Alexander Abdallah
Maria Nilsdotter X Alexander Abdallah
Dröm en Dröm
Vi Var Barn Då
Jag Skiner Inte Utan Er Mina Bröder

Alexander Abdallah is an actor and director from Uppsala, Sweden. After graduating from Teaterhögskolan Malmö, he took on a number of roles in productions at Helsingborgs Stadsteater before making his first debut short ‘Jag Skiner Inte Utan Er Mina Bröder’ (I Can’t Shine Without You, My Brothers), portraying the anguish and grief-stricken aftermath of the 2009/10 Malmö shootings. The film premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2019 to great acclaim, winning awards including Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Music and the Audience Prize at that year’s Pixel Scania Film Festival.

Abdallah, recognised for his unique vision and utmost tact with such sensitive narratives, followed on from this initial success with another short, ‘Vi Var Barn Då’ (We Were Kids), which premiered at the 2022 Gothenburg Film Festival before moving into the commercial world, collaborating with Swedish jeweller Maria Nilsdotter on the short film ‘Dröm en Dröm’ (Dream a Dream).

He continues to work as an actor - winning Best Actor at the 2021 Kristallen for his performance as Salim in Netflix’s ‘Snabba Cash’ - and was named Rising Star of the Year at the 2022 Roy Awards.

Alexander Abdallah