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Welcome Abdi Ibrahim
talent: Abdi Ibrahim
January 11, 2024

We welcome Abdi Ibrahim to our new talent roaster, a rising Somali-American director and photographer.

Beginning his career as a photographer, Abdi established his own unique visual language in the fashion world, shooting portraits and campaigns for editorials. Since then, he has gone on to direct commercials and music videos, stapling himself as a filmmaker, and debuting with a short documentary for Apple Music. Since then he has collaborated with Lacoste, the NFL, and Subaru. His work has also been featured in publications, such as the New Yorker, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Esquire.

Abdi’s work, both in stills and in motion, is comprised of visceral imagery and visual storytelling. Abdi’s work captures humans in their most natural state, which often touches on the surreal.

Click here to read more about Abdi in conversation with shots.

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