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land wins at Eurobest
December 14, 2023

We are happy to announce that new–land were a 5 times lucky winner at Eurobest this week.

Director Natanael Ericsson's film "Break The Pattern" for Electrolux won Gold for Cinematography (the outstanding Niklas Johansson was DoP) as well as Bronze for Direction. This pearl is full of hidden messages, for example the spinning camera movement shows that we can take better care of the earth by stop wasting clothes and start washing them the right way.

How much do we loose if we loose our hearing? Director Caroline Koning's film "Love Your Ears" for Audika shows the importance of sounds which received a Silver in Healthcare – Education & Awareness.

"Click", directed by Marcus Ibanez for Doctors Without Borders, won Silver in Achievment in Production. The film shows the importance of every donation.

This one goes out to all the Liverpool fans out there. "Forever Fans", directed by Tore Frandsen, shows Carlsberg's long sponsorship for the football team. It won Bronze in Film – Consumer Goods.

Congrats to all teams working hard on these projects.

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