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BTS Nowruz
Nowruz by Naghmeh Pour
April 03, 2024

Naghmeh Pour's new film for Nowruz is a spirited celebration of Iranian culture.

Nowruz is tradition that Iranians and many other countries treasure and are proud to keep alive. But as with any other tradition from the past, there is also a sort of humouristic distance to it when it’s set in modern times. Naghmeh kept the images beautiful and respectful of the heritage and tradition, whilst giving the feeling of being a fly on the wall at your (for most people) first Nowruz celebration. Iranians have a lot of self irony. We wanted to capture this in the film as well.

The film was shot in Denmark on a typically grey day, but that’s the reality of celebrating Nowruz in Scandinavia. That didn't matter though as the essence of Nowruz is the feeling you have within. 

Take a look at the cast and crew behind the scenes below.

Watch the full film here.

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